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A St Clair Shores Limo Bus is Perfect for Wedding Guests


Bringing Your Families Together at Your Wedding in St Clair Shores

St Clair Shores Limo Bus

A wedding is an occasion that brings families together, and those meetings can be pivotal, especially if the families are meeting for the first time. What better way to get families together than a party—and one that takes place in a chauffeur-driven limo bus!

A limo bus can be used to host a true party with the atmosphere and amenities, or to act as a gathering place to host a meeting between those people who are most important to the wedding couple. Here are a few ideas for using a St Clair Shores limo bus to bring together the family members from both sides of the wedding couple.

A Limo Bus Can Pick Up Wedding Guests from the Airport

You can begin the introductions and the good times immediately upon the arrival of both sides of the family at the airport. If it’s possible, arrange the arrivals of your individual family members within a 60-90 minute time frame. No matter how far each family member has traveled they’ll be happy to relax in the comfort and luxury of a party bus. Even the smallest size of a limo bus offers a lot of amenities to offer the best in comfort to your guests.

Luxury details of multiple TVs, a full bar with quality crystal, and an amazing sound system are amenities that make a party bus one of the best transport vehicles around. Each vehicle offers so many options. If you want to party, you can. If you want to doze, you can. If you want to meet and chat with the groom’s cousin, you can do that too.

Take a Wedding Limo Bus to the Rehearsal Dinner

If meeting at the airport is not a possibility, going to and from the rehearsal dinner is another great opportunity to get family members to travel together in a party bus. Once all the family members have been picked up and are on the party bus, it’s a perfect chance for them to get to know each other.

And the same is true of the return trip to their hotels. The trip home after the rehearsal dinner is a great time for discussing the wedding details and sharing excitement about the upcoming day.

Take a Limo Bus to the Wedding Ceromony

If it hasn’t yet been possible for families of the wedding couple to meet before the wedding, the ceremony itself may be their first chance to get to know each other.

If this is the case with your families, renting a party bus is a really great way to bring together the people that you love most on this day that is very important to you. Having each family member picked up at their individual hotels and then travelling to the wedding site gives them a lot of opportunity to talk.

Because you will be busy with getting ready for your wedding, you probably won’t be there to manage the introductions. If you wish, ask one of your friends to go along to make introductions between the two families. Travelling to your wedding together will help each family to know each other better, and give them a unique memory of your wedding day.

Reserve a St Clair Shores Limo Bus for Your Wedding Day

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