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Why Invest in a Royal Oak Limo Bus for the Wedding Reception?


Royal Oak limo bus

The big day is right around the corner, and the excitement is building. Summer weddings are always exciting, and having great friends and family around to help celebrate only adds to the excitement. When it comes to wedding planning, however, the excitement tends to die down. The planning stage can be a bit tricky, with a lot of different aspects to think about at once. To make things a little easier, why not make a bold decision and order a splashy Royal Oak limo bus for the wedding reception?

Now, splashy in this case doesn’t necessarily have to mean limousine. While limos are cool, there’s an even more exciting prospect ready for rent. Instead of the limo, why not go all out and rent a Royal Oak limo bus?

Here are a few reasons why renting a Royal Oak limo bus a great idea.

Take the Whole Wedding Party

With a wedding limo, the seating can get a little crowded for more than 10 people. This is especially true with large dresses in tow. Another issue that can arise is that you can wind up with multiple vehicles heading down to the reception, which can cause a backed up parking lot. With a Royal Oak limo bus, you’re able to fit between 12 and 30 people on board (depending on what size of bus you choose), so you won’t have to worry about anyone being left out from the ride.

Keep Everyone Safe

On the topic of driving to the reception, we all know that there may be some liquor enjoyed by the party-goers. If they drive to the reception, there will be a temptation to drive away from it as well. The last thing a beautiful wedding needs is a tragedy involving alcohol and vehicles. With a Royal Oak limo bus, the wedding party and others are able to safely get wherever they need to be. Have fun, but be safe!

Make a Statement

Limousines are always a classy way to travel around town. While limousines are great vehicles, if you really want to make sure people know “there’s something going on here” then a Royal Oak limo bus is the perfect mode of transportation to make that happen. Its tinted windows and large exterior make for an imposing vehicle on the road, while the well-dressed guys and gals inside will make an impression as they exit the vehicle.

Keep Costs Low

An important part of any wedding plan is the cost of everything. There are multiple budgets involved with wedding plans and there’s always a few things that could make that budget increase. With a Royal Oak limo bus, you are able to ensure the costs are kept low and that the transportation budget stays under the cap. By booking through us, we’ll be able to help set up a perfect Royal Oak limo bus package that will no doubt suit your needs perfectly.

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