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Reserving a Party Bus Limo in Sterling Heights, MI

Reserving a Party Bus Limo in Sterling Heights


5 Tips on Reserving a Party Bus Limo in Sterling Heights

Why ride in a  taxi or a shuttle to your event when you are able to get there in a Limo or Tiffany Party Bus? Rochester Limousine has a variety of limos and party buses to choose from that will make your evening out on the town even more special. If it is your very first time renting a party bus limo, make sure to read our advice on arranging your party bus limo.

Vehicles and Capacity

Prior to deciding on your party bus limo, you need to know just how many passengers will be in your party. We have buses that fit anywhere from around 14 passengers to as much as 32 passengers. Once you know the total number of individuals there will be, you might want to think about your budget. If you are wanting to save a little money, you are better off choosing a larger party bus limo and sharing the expenses between passengers.

Examine the Party Bus Limo

Look at the party bus limo in person. You could think that once you’ve seen a limo you have seen them all but this is not really true! You need to see the condition of the exact vehicle you will be riding in and even the total miles put on the car. You should also inspect the cleanliness of the limo interior. At Rochester Limousine, we welcome you to come by and check out our party bus limos in our 10,000 sq ft, indoor, heated showroom.

Reserve your Party Bus as Quick as Possible

With spring season around the corner, we’re coming up to a busy time of the year for party bus and limousine rentals. There are weddings, proms, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and with nicer weather comes sporting events, outdoor concerts and simply more events all together. During the spring, a Sterling Heights limo company may have their whole fleet booked! Because of this , it’s important to plan ahead and reserve your party bus limo months ahead.

Read the Contract

Be sure that you get everything on paper and look over your contract carefully. The contract should cover all of the following information:

At Rochester Limousine, our transportation specialists are available by phone 24 hours a day to help with any questions you might have regarding your contract.

Call and Verify Your Reservation

At least 14 days before your event call one of our reservation specialists to be certain we have received all of the necessary details about your upcoming event. Rochester Limousine also will call you closer to your event to verify your itinerary.

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5 Tips on Reserving a Party Bus Limo in Sterling Heights, MI

Rochester Limousine, LLC is your place for party bus limo rental in Sterling Heights, MI. Our experience helps us prevent any traffic or other events that could disrupt your transportation. Whether you are having a bachelorette/bachelor party, or you are headed to a sporting event, we have a large selection of party bus limousines for your event. For more information or to make a reservation, call 248-289-6665.

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