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Metro Detroit Party Bus Client Gives Praise


Metro Detroit Party Bus Client Gives Praise

How a Rochester Party Bus Saved the Day

Imagine going out with your friends with the full intention of having a great time and having things be unsatisfactory right from the start. Now, imagine that your group of friends was the wedding party and it was the day of your wedding when things started off on the wrong foot. That’s what happened to Brian Z, whose friend was getting married a while ago. He was in dire straits, and needed help. We were happy to help out, and here’s how we did it.

The Situation

The day began by everyone getting ready to be driven from their meeting place. The limo that showed up was less than adequate, with exhaust billowing out from behind the vehicle. Unfortunately for the group, that exhaust was pumping through the cab as well. With a cab full of dressed up people getting coated in exhaust fumes – all while having no access to power or air – the situation needed to be changed in a hurry if the day was to get any better.

The Call

With the wedding happening in the Rochester area, Brian looked for limo companies that could help them out. He called us to explain the wretched situation he was experiencing with their current limo. In 20 years of experience with wedding limo rentals, this was not the first time we had heard this story, so we wanted to help any way we could.

The Solution

We went through our inventory to find a vehicle that could properly accommodate the entire wedding party. Not only that, we understood that these lovely people had been through a rough situation, and that they needed to be pampered a bit. We are in the business of creating lasting memories and wonderful experiences. That’s why we sent out a 20-person party bus complete with champagne, ice, and glassware, rather than the 10-person limo they requested at the other company. We knew that everyone would appreciate the extra leg room and the refreshments, and we tried our hardest to turn what looked like a bad day into an unforgettable one.

The Result

Brian and the rest of the party went on to have an amazing time at the wedding, and he credits our swift action as the event that started it all. Here’s what he had to say:

“I would give them a 10 star rating if I could and highly recommend them to everyone. The vehicle was like new and the driver said all their vehicles are in just as good a shape as the one we got. I wouldn’t question photos of vehicles from this company or worry about the type of service you will get. These guys are legit.”

So if you are looking for a happy party bus experience – without the frantic phone call – call us today. We provide party buses for many events – weddings, parties, and all things in between. Call today to receive a quote.

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