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Detroit Limo Company Explains Party Bus Rental


Detroit Limo Company Explains Party Bus Rental

Renting a Party Bus: Know What to Expect

Weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday work parties, high school prom, and more are all great reasons to reserve a party bus in Detroit. Party buses come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate up to about thirty passengers. If you are looking into renting one for the first time, there are some things you should know to make sure you’re getting everything you want for your event.

What’s Included in Your Rental?

Most Detroit party buses offer plenty of comfortable seating, fun lighting, sound systems for music, tv’s for extra entertainment, and on-board bathrooms. Some party buses offer guests nonalcoholic beverages and bottles of water, and some include a dance floor and even a disco ball for those party guests who want to dance all night. Top Detroit party buses come equipped with a wet bar, or two, and a cooler for guests to make drinks, keep beverages cool, and make the evening whatever they wish. However, if minors will be using the party bus, such as for prom, alcohol will be strictly prohibited by the rental company.

What Isn’t Included?

In many cases, a Detroit party bus will allow passengers to bring their own drinks, including alcohol if over the legal drinking age, and food on board the bus. However, there might be an added cleanup charge if the drinks and food cause a mess. It is also usually custom for passengers to bring their own music for the ride, but some party bus companies supply entertainment, and additional refreshments and food for a fee. You will need to ask the party bus company to see if they offer these extra services and if so, what their fees are. It is also important to take into account that the larger the party bus, the more it will cost. The same might go for certain services and features, so be aware of any additional costs before booking.

Where Can The Party Bus Take You?

In order to know exactly what you’re getting into with a party bus, know ahead of time where the party bus can take you and your guests, and where they may not be able to. If you’re renting the party bus to take you out on the town for a night of bar hopping, tell the party bus company this information before your event and provide a list of venues you’d like to visit if possible. What’s great about a party bus is that the driver will be experienced in driving to all kinds of venues around town, and will be knowledgeable in all the hot spots. They can take you wherever they feel you’d have fun if you aren’t sure of where to go.

Detroit Limo Company Explains Party Bus Rental

Rochester Limousine has provided party bus rentals in the Detroit area for over 20 years, delivering luxury and comfort at an affordable price.

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