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Getting Around Metro Detroit the Right Way


Getting Around Metro Detroit the Right Way

Summer time in Metro Detroit is about as good as it gets. Barbecues in the backyard and long days spent at the pool cause us here in Metro Detroit to dream of these summer days all winter long. Now that the sunshine is finally upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we will spend our limited months of this beautiful weather. With all the options, it can be hard to decide how you should spend your precious time. Numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, and sporting events can make the task of choosing an option be pretty difficult!

With all the options for what to do while you are out and about on the town, there is really only one way to get around for the day when your summertime adventure arrives. By having your own Metro Detroit party bus rented out for the day for you and your group, you’ll guarantee yourself a fun, safe, and stylish way to get around town and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Check out some of the many benefits to renting a party bus below!

  1. Private Transportation

One thing that many people notice pretty quickly when comparing Metro Detroit with other large cities is our lack of public transportation. Without these options, getting around town for the day can be a bit difficult if you want to stay away from being behind the wheel. With a party bus, you get the freedom of having someone else taking care of the transportation in the city you’re so used to driving in! Simply sit back and relax with your friends and avoid the traffic and headache.

  1. Freedom to Roam

Party Bus Rental to Comerica Park - Detroit, MIHaving this transportation figured out ahead of time means you can travel around the metro area and hit all your favorite spots easily, without the regular inconvenience of making the drive. If your favorite bar is out in the Northern suburbs but you want to still make it to the Tigers’ game after the bar, no problem! Being able to get yourself and your group from the suburbs to the heart of the city whenever you are ready is one of the top benefits to having your own party bus rented out for the day. If you would like to continue to hang around outside of the city, that’s great too!

  1. Room for the Crowd

Typically, when exploring Metro Detroit with a group of friends, you need to be pretty careful figuring out how everyone will get to where they need to be. With multiple cars and different drivers, things can get a bit hectic. With your own party bus rented out for the day, you no longer have to worry about how the whole group will get from point A to point B! Just hop onto the bus and you’re off! Your entire group will stay together and safe the whole time. You won’t have to worry about anyone drinking and driving.

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These are just a few benefits to having your own party bus rented out for your day out on the town this summer. To learn more, contact Rochester Limousine to for a free Metro Detroit Party Bus Rental Quote today!  Detroit’s Choice for Party Bus Rentals!

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